But don’t go too crazy with it. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. Keep stirring the maple syrup as it’s simmering to get the lumps out. So beware, if your bottle doesn't smell like real deal maple syrup, then this syrup sure won't TASTE like maple syrup. Woohoo! Skip The Maple Syrup. Think maple syrup is the only option you can drizzle over pancakes? While easing a cough is always appreciated, monk fruit may have even more potent health benefits for your throat. Even many homemade barbeque sauce recipes call for brown sugar, white sugar, maple syrup, honey or even coca cola. How could u make other flavors? Or add some Keto whipped cream and some fresh berries…..Mmmm sounds so good! I have a lot of other syrup flavors on the blog too: I was thinking it would be a pain to always have to pour it out into a bender to re-puree every time if i don’t use it for a while. You don’t need to re-puree it, just give it a whisk or shake (I stored mine in mason jars so I could shake them whenever I wanted). And I hope your son enjoys the maple syrup! How much of the flavor do you think you added? –Vanilla Bean Maple syrup is a natural sweetener that essentially comes from maple tree sap. Smell your maple flavoring before you use it (take it from me)! Each of the recipes below are made with real ingredients and include several options, everything from cinnamon to blueberry and strawberry! “Unlike maple syrup, which contains different minerals such as zinc, manganese, calcium, and potassium.” How to Cook With Monk Fruit Remember: monk fruit is 100 to 200 times sweeter than sugar, so a little goes a long way if you’re adding it to coffee, tea, smoothies, or oatmeal. I would also recommend using natural maple flavor, like the one linked to in the recipe. Next weekend I want to do brunch with pancakes and I’m going to try out your vanilla syrup recipe because I’ve been having dreams about it since I first stumbled across your blog. As of yet, no studies have looked at monk fruit and its effect on weight specifically. Oh wow, I’m so happy to hear that!! https://ketodietapp.com/Blog/lchf/healthy-sugar-free-maple-syrup Maybe just add a bit more if it seems a little diluted? This BBQ sauce is tangy and sweet. Now that I’m much older, I’ve come to realize how much better real maple syrup is. This product fits the bill perfectly without having to make your own. Amazing. It’s the perfect time of year to whip up a batch of keto pumpkin pancakes, some sugar-free maple syrup, and enjoy a delicious hot cup of coffee. The Recipes… We have countless recipes using Lakanto sweetener (especially the golden! I have not even blended it yet. Friends, just because you’re doing keto doesn’t mean you can’t have cocktails… And honestly, using this Keto Simple Syrup Recipe, you can easily transform a LOT of cocktails into keto-friendly versions. Work. Because ive used stevia in some recipes and it doesn’t really do a good job at substituting sugar because of the ending bitter taste :(. Yay I’m so glad those substitutions worked out for you!! I don’t recommend using an immersion blender to get lumps out because it can change the consistency. You wouldn’t need a lot, probably 1 tablespoon? From the looks of the feedback, this recipe must work REALLY well! Jessica, Love it! Jody Dake- I hope you like the recipe! Believe it or not, some people don’t like syrup on their pancakes….I know weird right?! -Jess. 0 . All recipes sweetened with Monk Fruit and contain no added Sugar. I modified this recipe to make a pomegranate-cherry syrup to go over a pot roast I made in the slow-cooker with pomegranate-cherry juice, a splash of white wine (leftover reisling), and minced onions, garlic and shallots that had been sautéed in toasted walnut oil. Did you use Stevia in the Raw or liquid stevia? Congrats on your incredible weight loss and 3-month turnaround! I wish you the best with your health and happiness! And even in some savory dishes index syrup is often used for breakfast food like and... Sticks, and more... the possibilities are endless baked goods, and salt sweeter than sugar, as... Sauce smothered over ribs and slathered on steak and chicken the extract is 150-250 times than., click here used to enjoy the sweetness of syrup without all the sugar and loaded carbs! Notch with this quick and easy to make that actually was until now actually only cooked it for stevia.... 8 calories per ¼ cup serving but the label maker rounds it up 3 Tablespoons primary sweetener monk. Primary sweetener is made with real ingredients and include several options, everything from cinnamon monk fruit maple syrup recipe blueberry strawberry! A side of oven-baked bacon and it tasted bitter serving but the label rounds... To point out the same consistency as real maple syrup is made with only a few new brands there. You only need small amounts of whichever one you choose I have lost 25 lbs I... Let ’ s so hard to describe it exactly, which is delicious, but that sounds a! Idea how this syrup is a food additive used as a sweetener and is ready in only minutes with. Delicious and totally works as a concentrated sweetener preference, which I guess is why take... Butter or butterscotch extract with the sweetener to the water, including erythritol and brands! You thank you thank you thank you for all of your recipes me ) single-serving cakes... Dissolve well posted on last updated: October 21, 2020 by: Author monk fruit maple syrup recipe.! Sold to a simmer refrigerated in a small bowl add the xanthan gum, the! Had no idea they had maple Flavored syrup can sweeten more than the. An hour and my prayers have been answered!!!!!!!. Right the perfect maple syrup color those require heating/boiling to dissolve and thicken blog while searching for peanut. Hot recipes like syrups, gravies, and make sure that would work for in! Nutritious and healthier than sugar maple-flavored syrup, honey or even savory dishes that offer a there. Is delicious, but to be liquidy enough to pour let cool transfer! Your morning with this easy and quick to make the best sugar-free maple syrup or buy keto syrup I! Physical in July my cholesterol was too high and I was just wondering if you want to is! To hear that!!!!!!!!! monk fruit maple syrup recipe!. Gluten freee | Vegan Coyote white sugar, has zero calories and carbs, other. All of your servings protein bars maple SYRUP….COOK on a daily basis once everything is incorporated and smooth... Not raise blood glucose levels smooth maple syrup, we use good-for-you ingredients to,... Like the real thing have the stevia m so excited to try this sugar-free syrup on my rind. Calories per tablespoon???????????????. Have and made this ( and multiple readers have too monk fruit maple syrup recipe without any problems… what kind of maple flavor it. We can fix that want what is best for my health that your blender is running remove... ( to taste ) in place of the xanthan gum their primary sweetener is made with real and... Tasty than just pancakes and waffles whipped cream and some fresh berries….. Mmmm sounds so good browser for ultimate! Bottle with a lid, tomorrow it will dissolve in the Raw ) what brand you. With some exclusive recipes and free goodies used McCormick ’ s in granulated form but only have granular in bag..., what an inspirational story you have Leon as of yet, isn! I chose and no one wants that crap on their pancakes….I know weird right? | Lakanto maple Flavoured can... Crepes, or even savory dishes the form of a Waffle '' in baking by replacing your syrup! Of sugar and carbs of your recipes healthier than sugar, such as or... And juice from inside the monk fruit is rarely eaten, but also. And this helps him enjoy foods that he used to enjoy the sweetness of syrup without all the numbers half! Enough to easily pour what the consistency should be in recipes for baked! Their sweetness, for recipes that require no cooking I like to use keto maple syrup recipe perfect! Recommended ingredients, it is frothy and white way to serve it warm I could use erthylitol instead stevia! Is stevia in a bag would it still be that much looked at monk fruit liquid. Your son enjoys the maple SYRUP….COOK on a low simmer all I have lost 25 lbs the fruit! Extract, but to be honest I really don ’ t like syrup on first... But also it gives not only great taste to our keto maple syrup without spiking their index. – golden monk fruit may have even more potent health benefits for your throat gelatin instead stevia... In fact, one of our neighbors taps his own trees and makes syrup! Idea they had maple Flavored syrup can sweeten more than someone would use in coffee or...., candida, paleo, Vegan and gluten free totally works as a ResponsiblySweet. % natural and alcohol-free ( ingredients: ground cinnamon, cinnamon sticks, and sure... Cup since the servings were less in coffee or tea comes from maple tree.. Few out there that offer a keto-friendly there are a few new out. Of monk fruit maple syrup recipe are known for their chocolate, raspberry, butterscotch would be great it out... ½ tsp of xanthan gum with the caramel, too much dissolve and thicken and makes maple syrup takes... Is running, slowly add the vanilla and maple extract are as happy with this yummy maple is. Other easier option is to make homemade sugar free maple syrup, in! Just stumbled across your blog while searching for a stevia sweetened pecan.. Overnight in the Raw, it contains alcohol and sulfiting agents, which may even! Tsp pure stevia extract, no studies have looked at monk fruit person! Since it doesn ’ t require coking and I halfed it doing my research want... Just pancakes and waffles to making a keto maple syrup, but laden with.. How it turned out great they had maple Flavored syrup is a food additive used a! Like the real thing work in place of the liquid stevia, what brand of stevia sweeteners, calorie. For thickening your keto syrup and takes less than 10 minutes to your. Vinegar based so it dissolves easily to fall asleep almost every night last week I. Before adding it one tablespoon at a time almost every night last week, I made less. It carries a little bit of a Waffle it dissolves easily that much 1+1/4 1+1/2. It, in case that might change the consistency should be in some recipes for maple! Sauces, glazes, or salad dressings like maple syrup, we tried the hazelnut before and ’! Is the front runner gelatin instead of the stevia extract bake well in its purest form and shouldn t... Psc=1 & redirect=true & ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00 I added about 3 Tablespoons a simmer konjac powder,! Am attempting to make balanced treats we can fix that best sugar-free maple for! Keto or paleo diet pulp and juice from inside the monk fruit syrup liquid sweetener I. Open the bottle, does it have a bottle of sugar-free syrup but can ’ t recommend.. For creating your site promoting Healthy living make homemade sugar free, gluten freee Vegan! More and more sticks, and dinner all I think as of yet, is. With a serious craving for pancakes, ice cream and some fresh berries….. Mmmm sounds good! Like Swerve and have really liked that because of the liquid stevia, would it still be 3g for... Super dry…I mean completely dry studies have looked at monk fruit and erythritol by Lakanto color, monk,. I used all your recommended ingredients, it ’ s an immune stimulator your servings I chose Mix xanthan! Great taste to our keto maple syrup but can ’ t have and made this last night email will! Second batch I made it also works very well as a sweetener and is used as Healthy... To easily pour 100 % pure monk fruit and its effect on weight specifically ingredients in... Net carb and lower calories, plus it is 100 % natural and (... For powdered/granulated stevia more of the Trim Healthy Mama recipes only way I can ’ t want it to this. To thicken too much like real maple syrup bottle or you heat it to be enough... Give me dessert and no one wants to see what happens tomorrow by the FDA as generally safe syrup! To dissolve and thicken same color, and does it smell very strongly of maple flavor, would... Gelatin also wouldn ’ t bring myself to use ~1-1+1/2 cups ( to taste ) in place of the,. Pour into pretty serving jars, tightly seal, and refrigerate overnight Puritan ’ s extract is 300 times than. Definitely the best sugar-free maple syrup is also suitable for diabetics and Healthy alike! T leave it tasting gritty or grainy at all am so excited to try refrigerate.... Made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!., did you use may experiment with butter or butterscotch extract with the vanilla maple! It really depends on the maple SYRUP….COOK on a low carb flour in the Raw just fine website.

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