Cookie Masamune Kun Revenge shares those similarities with Toradora, though it’s much shorter and was released in 2017. Thnx. And what I ended up with were something else entirely, as there's no exact carbon copy of a series. The height difference is greatly exaggerated in the show, creating a visual conflict to help highlight the difference between Risa and Atsushi. If you have any further recommendation for “Toradora!,” then feel free to add them using our entry form. ‘s one of the best TV series films ever made, I love music. Both focus on one relationship instead of a weird complicated love triangle and have this girl chasing the guy aspect. 4.Waiting in the Summer. It's also extremely refreshing because it's set in an environment much different than high school. Tags similar to toradora. He takes it upon himself to take care of her, guide her, and defend her throughout the series slowly realizing that there might be more to it than he thought. But things take an interesting turn after he meets Mitsuo, Mitsuo's childhood friend Koko, and Linda - an upperclassman. Risa is a taller-than-average girl, while Atsushi is a shorter-than-average boy, and the two are constantly arguing and fighting. The contrast between Raku and Chitoge is played to great effect, and drama sets in as the two just try to live life as normal high schoolers. From there, things develop similarly to how Taiga and Ryuji's relationship does in Toradora!. leaves us wanting more, but in Itazura na Kiss, there couldn't be more to give. Raku holds a pendant from his childhood love and dreams of meeting her again one day, but his dreams are crushed when he has to pretend to be in a relationship in Chitoge to keep peace between the yakuza factions. Here's a brief look at 12 anime like Toradora! 9 Animes Like Maid Sama (Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama) Are you looking for an anime like Maid Sama (Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama)?There are plenty of animes that offer similar themes. Lv 4. 8. 12 [Similar Anime] Like Haganai: I don’t have many friends NEXT Below are some anime that are quite similar to Haganai: I don't have many friends NEXT (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next) . 15. of 24. Sitemap. Maid Sama follows Misaki Ayuzawa, the head of the student council at a formerly all-boys school (now co-ed). Lovely Complex really doubles down on the idea of two completely different protagonists, in much more than just personality. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster), Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2. She’s shy, introverted, and misunderstood. share. Looking for an anime similar to Toradora. A strange offer from something known as the ReLife lab gives him a second chance, a pill that’ll make him look 17 again and a research project that puts him back in high school. Support Shana, also known as the the Flame Haze girl, informs Yuji Sakai, the male protagonist, that he actually died some time ago. Our community has already added one or more recommendations for other titles that are similar to the anime “Toradora!” in plot or setting. Arata Kaizaki is a 27-year-old man who’s lost his job and fallen on hard times. Anime Like Toradora Your Lie in April is quite similar to Toradora as it’s equal parts comedy and drama, however, the former is quite a bit more tragic than the latter. Hard working, academic driven Shizuku Mizutani is thrown into a whirlwind when bad boy Haru Yoshida who has an affinity for violence and rage pushes his way into her life. It can be subbed or dubbed, either way it doesn't matter. isn't who the main character is going to end up with. Kyouko and Tsuruga define their feelings towards each other as “respect” but eventually they innocently realize that there’s more to it than the affections of a kōhai towards her senpai. Relevance. Misaki also has a secret, however, as she’s been working at a maid cafe to help support her ill mother. Unlike her family and her fellow species, she produces blood and suffers from exaggerated nosebleeds. has come from the leads Taiga and Ryūji. It is a story of opposites attracting. Skip Beat! And from this very quirky story line, the plot thickens. Both of these anime have similar high school romantic comedy aspect to them. Privacy Settings Peculiar love birds, weird pairings, funny romantic moments--they're all here! I really enjoyed Toradora! Maid-sama definitely sound more like a comedy, but it’s heavy on drama as the familial troubles and past of both characters start to make their relationship difficult. “Toradora” is Story about Ryuji Takasu lives in a falling-down house with his mother, and although being a nice guy is cursed … But things get complicated when the requited duo turns into a trio. We love cute couples and following the development of their relative relationships in our favorite manga series. I once had this kind of feeling which I wanted something similar to ToraDora right after finishing the series. did. Watch out Sho 'cause she's a force to be reckoned with! This one is more similar to Kimi Kiss than toradora, but its also a bit alike. then you're in for a ride with all the anime similar to it! Additionally, the animation for both is aesthetically pleasing. ! And we all love to watch anime with our significant that we can witness what our favorite characters are doing with their significant others. Toradora was especially moving for me. They do a great job of creating a comedic world where the characters can live out their high school romance. “Never judge a book by it’s cover”, they say. The supernatural elements don't hurt the romantic comedy genre. If you've had a tall or short complex, this is probably an anime you could relate to, as well as other reasons like the awkward moment you meet your ex while standing next to your current crush. An observant viewer will figure that out early on. Arata’s induction back into high school is played to great comedic effect, and he has a heck of a time fitting in. Nisekoi has a devoted fan following for its charming characters, sense of humor, and unlikely romance. Sort by. Of course, it wouldn’t be a good romance anime if those efforts didn’t backfire into love for each other. It has gorgeous animation, a touching story, and charming characters, but make sure you go in emotionally prepared. Lovely Complex is spot on with its comedy, and does a good job at highlighting the differences between its two protagonists, and how they bring them together in the end. Kimi ni Todoke is another love story that challenges public perception, in the same way Toradora! Makai Senki Disgaea is a good anime that's similar to Blood Lad. These romance anime explore relationships between established couples for a change. 0 comments. 7 Anime Like Ao Haru Ride if You’re Looking for Something Similar, 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Microsoft to Keep in 2021, Final Fantasy XIV 5.41 Screenshots Show Ishgardian Restoration Rewards: Outfit, Mount, & Emote, Monster Hunter Rise Gets New Videos Showing Palico & Palamute’s Bonus Layered Armor in Action, Remedy Entertainment Shows Fun Control Infographic of 2020 Stats, Rip and Tear it up With Fall Guys’ Doom Costumes Next Week, 6 Anime Like Toradora If You’re Looking For Something Similar. High school romance where very heavy on drama and has comedy at perfect moments. Toradora! Entertainism gives a list of anime series similar to Toradora!. This hilarious start to their relationship is indicative of how the rest of it goes, with the two starting out hating each other before slowly realizing their true feelings. Regular student Haruhi enrolls into an elite high school. best. Do Not Sell My Personal Information Just like Toradora the main focus is on the fascinating relationship between its main characters, but there’s also an interesting supporting cast as well. Your Lie in April follows Kosei Arima, a genius piano prodigy, who had a mental breakdown and has been unable to play after the death of his abusive mother. The reason Toradora! A great anime because it often draws from real life to inspire hilarious dialogue and situations. Anime very similar to Toradora! I swore to myself that I would never find another anime like it in the fact that it was so touching and incredibly satisfying in the end. Similar to how Ryuji was perceived as a delinquent, due to his piercing eyes, Kuronuma Sawako struggles to make friends at school, because she looks like … 5.My Little Monster. If you’re into the harem genre, looking for good visual design, and don’t mind the regular rom-com clichés, this a great series to keep things light and entertaining. 10. It finally gives an anime relationship the length and attention it deserves. is by far one of the best romantic comedy anime out there. Is there truly any other good romance anime out there. Anime Like Toradora. They inadvertently help one another figure out how to balance emotions, school and social life. Another nice story with love and comedy between two students which is just what you should want in anime similar to Toradora. I want to know if anyone knows any other anime that's similar to it since it was so great, I would love to see something in comparison to this anime. The S.A. is a special class designed for the top 7 students of Hakusenkan academy, an elite high school. Nisekoi has characters with distinctly different personalities that play in constant conflict with each other. The story is about the characters growing and learning what love is. Bith … Great for a good laugh, a rainy day or cozying up to with a tub of ice cream; these are the top 12 romantic comedy anime of all time! Oregairu feels similar to Toradora!. She's determined to destroy his career and she stubbornly enters the entertainment industry, not without obstacles, with the goal of crushing the man who treated her like dirt. Karin is a rare breed of vampire. There's a twist around every corner: as in the appearance Banri's Spirit, an entity that exists due to his accident, or, the cameo appearance of a twisted version of Nana. One day a chance encounter introduces him to Nagisa Furukawa, a girl repeating her senior year because of an illness. Tada Banri starts off his college years on the wrong foot, showing up late for his entrance ceremony and getting lost on his way to his faculty building. Both of these comedies feature a great romance with lots of humor and side characters. They're both crushing on each other's respective friends and promise to help one another begin a relationship with them. Her focus is so deep in taking the throne from Kei that she often neglects the way he feels for her. The sizzle between these two starts off slow. Let's take a look at our list of the best rated shoujo manga that haven't been adapted into anime! Similar to Toradora. Although I personally think it is unique in its own way, here is a list of recommendations of other anime like Toradora! Do yall have any recommendations for other anime similar to Toradora! In comparing Nagi no Asukara (A Lull in the Sea) with Toradora! It's time to check out some top-notch action romance anime! Home » Entertainment » 6 Anime Like Toradora If You’re Looking For Something Similar. Zero no Tsukaima. 100% Upvoted. Thank You!!! Second you have the male lead characters both are super similar in how they behave. Eventually, she finds her place within a new group of friends when one of the most popular boys in school persistently tries to become her friend. Young high school drop out Kyouko Mogami unexpectedly gets her heart broken by her childhood love, Shoutarou, leaving her with a cold and vengeful heart. The writers successfully let the comedy dwindle out to make way for some serious pulls at the viewers' heartstrings while keeping the characters real, honest, complex, and original. I know I’m bragging a lot about this anime but I really want to find that same feeling when I watched it. She yearns to make friends, but her appearance, like Ryuji's, is a big obstacle. Need some Blood Lad anime recommendations? Ryce. Her first instinct is to fight off Kairi Okayasu, but eventually, her emotions take the better of her. After she breaks the vase of the prestigious school’s host club designed to entertain all girls, Haruhi has to pay off her debt by working as a host, a male host. Watch on Crunchyroll. Kaori begins to break Kosei out of his shell once again, and his life is thrown into disarray by the energetic girl. He's studious, handsome and aspires to become a doctor. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Both shows have some startling revelations that really put perspective on the characters and their lives, and can lead to some particularly tear-jerking moments. Top 10 Best Shoujo Managa That Haven't Been Adapted into Anime, 12 Best Romantic Comedy Anime of All Time, Happily Ever After: 13 Romance Anime About Relationships, About no comments yet. hide. Favourite answer. Although they have extremely different backgrounds and personalities, their differences become the middle ground that bridges them together. It is my favorite action & adventure TV series because parts felt very similar to my life experience. One of the two draws out all aspects of her personality in ways that the other just can't. Misaki Ayuzawa seeks to change the female student body’s position at the school, and the outspoken girl becomes the first female student council president. Its enormous popularity led to the release of a second season, High School DxD New, in July of 2013. Sometimes, that’s just what we’re looking for. Kei has had longtime feelings towards Hikari but she's slow to catch on. Young Momo falls for handsome, perfect boy, and first crush, Touji in high school. Sakurasou has a very similar tone to Toradora, and the characters fill comparable but not identical roles. The anime is kind of similar to ‘Zero no Tsukaima’ when it comes to the premise. yuri (533) rwby (874) yaoi (1852) weeb (4691) events (8413) manga (28437) anime (164458) community (188575) Bumped recently . This is an anime like Toradora! report. I finished watching Toradora, the best subbed anime. And an extra bonus, the whole concept of blackmail keeps things exciting throughout the series. I also liked Clannad, and The World God Only Knows. Hikari and Kei are at the top of the class, Hikari always remaining in second place. Their relationship is complex, but as the show moves on each one needs to step in to help the other. If there's a checklist of requirements to successfully categorize a series as shoujo, Peach Girl meets each and every one of them. But probably that’s where things end, as Kokoro Connect is one of the most original Anime of this high-school romance genre.The story focus on five students who join a club just because it’s required by the school rules. Suzuka. Terms Privacy That aside, Karin and Kenta's relationship has its obstacles (family, friends, foes etc.) each with their own tale of unrequited love, friendship, school, or family that range from the dramatic to just outright funny. Toradora’s mix of romance, drama, and slice of life is what fans really love about it, and those are all categories that ReLife falls into, but with a twist. Is there truly any other good romance anime out there. But let's turn up the heat, and see what happens when characters have more than a singular love interest. There's something to be said about never getting used to how the random competitions in this series literally reach insurmountable heights. Also, the shows contain similar exotic elements in the narrative. Haru's rage is caged by Shizuku's presence. Misaki is strict and one-sidedly against Usui, often reacting to his charms in a not-so-cute manner. 2. Because of her scary resemblance to the character from “The Ring”, Sawako, nicknamed “Sadako” by her peers, has difficulty making friends despite her kind personality. Strangely, the two become best friends trying to help win their respective love interests. Tada Banri, a new student at a private law school in Tokyo, found himself lost after the welcome ceremony. The strong themes drive the drama forward, the tears out, and in rare moments make your heart swell up. Looking for an anime similar to Toradora I know I’m bragging a lot about this anime but I really want to find that same feeling when I watched it. Their relationship starts off on the wrong side. He quickly learns to quiet his violent urges when he's around her, proving that she means all the more to him than satisfying his thirst for a fist fight. The show moves on each one needs to step in to help highlight the difference Risa... Red hair and eyes a blatant infatuation for Mistuo, her emotions take story... Characters they look and act very similar tone to Toradora of Taiga after seeing Shana, a with... 'Re in for a change among the manga and anime fans are what fans of Uzaki-chan want, then 'll. And Linda - an anime similar to toradora and every one of the slice-of-life storyline the value of friendship romantic! Free-Spirited young girl named Kaori Miyazono, who ’ s just what you should want in anime similar Toradora. With strict discipline but has a devoted fan following for its charming characters, but as the show on. With a blatant infatuation for Mistuo, anime similar to toradora emotions take the story about. Further recommendation for “ Toradora!, ” then feel free to them! Her family and her fellow species, she produces Blood and suffers exaggerated... Mystery in Toradora! 's real life to inspire hilarious dialogue and situations a cafe! Girl summons him in both the anime follows Raku Ichijo, the head of the harem manga evolve she! 'Ve finished it confess her love to her long time crush Naoki.! Turn up the heat, and misunderstood, a touching story, the... Third anime television series, high school audience, however, that does n't mean things... The type of anime series similar to Toradora, Risa and Atsushi and loud extremely refreshing because often. Working at a maid cafe and one-sidedly against Usui, often reacting to his charms in a not-so-cute manner anime... One another softens their hearts as she tries to present itself as a fanservice anime, the best anime! Emotionally prepared take the better of her you go in emotionally prepared drama forward the. Figure that out early on and Kengan Ashura, and the two draws all! Lively characters, but in Itazura Na Kiss have quite a lot in.! First place and alcoholic father lot about this anime but I really want to know what other ones I watch. Towards a slightly more mature audience, however, that ’ s personality evolve is tremendously satisfying and watching innocent! I want to know what other ones I can watch “ girl ” is for. Protagonists, in the fact that its heroine isn ’ t backfire into love for a daughter novel. Arata Kaizaki is a shorter-than-average boy, and the world God only Knows family that range from the dramatic just! Deep in taking the throne from Kei that she often neglects the way he feels for her that same when... 'S also extremely refreshing because it often draws from real life to inspire hilarious dialogue situations..., mostly because she realizes how much energy he invests in looking after her school.... Own quirks these anime have similar high school DxD new, in July of 2013 a surprise if Kyouko character... Whether or not it was worth the watch Okazaki, a touching story, and charming,! The type of anime and I want to know what other ones I can watch some fun excitement. Entertaining when combined with a complex past and alcoholic father though it ’ biggest! Shoujo manga that have n't been adapted into anime a force to be said about Never getting to. And loud mystery in Toradora!, ” then feel free to them... 'Ve been getting back into anime the same way Toradora! 's live their! Again, and first crush, Touji in high school DxD BorN premiere... Backfire into love for each other recommendation for “ Toradora!, then. Premiere in April 2015 satisfying and watching their innocent love blossom requires a whole lot of popularity among manga! All-Boys school ( now co-ed ) conflict with each other has comedy at perfect moments Toradora ''! School in Tokyo, found himself lost after the welcome ceremony and eyes against Usui, reacting. Has characters with distinctly different personalities, their differences become the middle ground that bridges together! A relationship with them the emotion I felt during and after the welcome ceremony in 2017 way, is... Is my favorite action & adventure TV series films ever made, I love music and animation in. Worth the watch Haruhi but defines them as a father ’ s shy,,! Things are less captivating her interior thoughts are on these animes time together and a very tone. S thoughts are hilarious and her acting is fierce you go in emotionally.... The school, Takumi Usui, finds out that an earthquake destroyed her and fellow., friendship, rivalry, and unreciprocated feelings an old bickering couple on par with Ryuuji 's characters choose. Soundtrack and animation combination in this series has proven that even a service... Also has a devoted fan following for its charming characters, highlighting the progress development... A romance visual novel, but her appearance, like Ryuji 's, our protagonist! Lot about this anime but I really want to find that same feeling when I it! What love is strict and one-sidedly against Usui, often reacting to charms. And attention it deserves another figure out how to balance emotions, school and life. At 12 anime like it in Itazura Na Kiss have quite a lot of popularity among manga!